Title: Wingnut™

  • Pitch: Mega Man meets SHMUP!
  • Genre: Shoot ’em up (SHMUP)
  • Platform: PC/Steam is initial platform target, after successful release will target console market
  • Setting: Fantasy world. Seamonkey civilization is tragically embroiled in war when an important Seamonkey diplomatic translator decided to work from home. What ensues is chaos between nations. Take on the role of an esteemed Sea-Monkey fighter pilot as he  fights his way through hordes of werewolve bikers, zeppelin-flying cyber punks, sand dune-riding golems, dragon-mounting knights, and more in an effort to bring the peace. A totally satirical world/story.
  • Art direction: 16-32bit era pixel art. Emphasis on bright contrasting colors and expressive sprites.
  • Game Modes:
    • 1.) Story mode – story-driven set of stages and bosses presented in a world map in a non-linear manner. Story mode takes a nod from Mega Man series by allowing the player to take down any order of bosses/stages as they please.
    • 2) Endless mode – survive for as many waves as possible, randomly generated power ups and bosses. High-score milestones will unlock content in story mode.
  • Boss weapons: Bosses will drop weapons once they are defeated – and bosses are weak to a specific other boss’s weapon. Stages will also have hazards/blocked paths that only boss weapons can interact with. Each weapon will fire in three modes: 1) regular firing mode, 2) defensive mode, 3) assist mode (an accompanying ship fights alongside player)
  • RPG elements: the player will be also able to gain experience across stages which can be used to level up various aspects of the ship (such as health, speed, firing rate, weapon ammo, etc). Slight grinding will be a necessity for taking down end-game stages/bosses.
  • Some stages will have forked paths that can only be unlocked by using a bosses dropped weapon. These alternative paths will lead to new secret stages as well as end-game bosses separate from the story bosses

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