The Team

The team thus far:

Diego CasillasFounder, Developer/Designer. Has experience goofing around and making 2D space shooters from his highschool and college programming days. Before landing a job as a software developer, Diego was once studying for a PhD in history. His favorite game is Final Fantasy VII followed closely by Super Metroid and Mega Man 2.

Eric “Nack” Biernacki Lead Composer/Audio Engineer. Eric has all sorts of musical experience. He was the drummer of a metal band for some time. He has also composed music in the past and has also been a music teacher. Also of interest, Nack has also dabbled in game design so his experience in that will more than likely be utilized here in Quetzal. Eric’s favorite game is Chrono Cross (which has an underrated soundtrack!). Check him out on his Soundcloud.

Will Chung – Character Designer/Developer. Will has teamed up with Diego to help out in character designs due to his great talents. He has shown a strong enthusiasm for learning the Unity graphics engine as well as has shown a flair for artistic design. Will has professional experience doing software QA and automation development and his skills will carry over nicely to this project. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger.

Ryne Sandel – Legal Counsel. Ryne Sandel is the resident Aggie of the group. He has practiced law for a handful of years. When he’s not busy in the courtroom he is urging others to go and play Shovel Knight (advice Diego wishes he would have followed much earlier). He will be in charge of making sure the company crosses all of its t’s and dots its i’s from a legal perspective. Ryne’s favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (though Day of the Tentacle and The Last of Us are up there).

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