Quetzal Entertainment

Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Quetzal design and fabricate an exhibition stand, which makes your brand sparkle among millions of potential customers across the globe. We design & execute the most effective possible design that suits your budget and requirements in your Exhibition stand building. Our exhibition stand designs leave long lasting impressions, which make your brand a global branding and reach millions of your customers.
Exhibitions can give your business an interesting promoting advantage the opportunity to meet, associate, and assemble affinity with possibilities and clients vis-à-vis. Here’s the manner by which to take advantage of business presentations and occasions going to a display business is regularly seen as major speculation, especially by independent ventures.
However, by investing in the short term, you’ll reap benefits within the future, turning the leads collected at an exhibition into loyal customers. Choosing the proper business exhibition to get the foremost out of your investment, it’s important to select the proper exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences
Quetzal is a leading planner in events & Exhibitions we turn out to be the best guide to every firm, corporates, and participant who is willing to participate in the exhibition with an absolute solution right from participating in Trade shows to stand design & build fabrication to all documentation with organizer and dismantling of their stand for a venue.
We are the one-stop solution.

Custom Stand Design & Service

Quetzal offers the most astonishing custom stand plans that are planned remembering the specific details and necessities of each client.
The exhibition could be a platform that gives companies an opportunity to succeed in out to their target audience. We guarantee that the custom stand design reflects the specific brand message of the customer. Things have gone through an extraordinary change throughout the long term and there has been a quick ascent inside the requests of excellent exhibition stands from clients spurring the intrusion of a large variety of sturdy and attractive building materials within the construction of the stand.

Services We Offer the design of 3D models, build wooden booths, ship, and set up the custom exhibition stand at the venue with complete paperwork documentation from acquiring possession to booth dismantling.

We also offer on-site supervision to ease the work process and complete it within the given deadline without any hassle. Even though we have the services for lighting, Rental Furniture, Rental Electronic devices, AVs, LED & LFD Digital walls graphics, signages services, and other key accessories to give the desired look to a custom display.

Moduler Stand

Modular Exhibition stand design

Modular exhibition systems are worked for recreation, With insignificant upkeep, a particular stand can be reused for different events and shows since it is a reusable material.
The extraordinary benefit of modular exhibition stands is that they can be reconfigured to suit various sizes, and illustrations are tradable so they can mirror any progressions you might want – new brand, change in messaging, or new look and feel, they supply expanded adaptability and simplicity of transport also to its harmless to the ecosystem.
It’s an adaptable, multipurpose variant of exhibition stands. The installation and dismantling process of the modular stand could be a quick and hassle-free process.
In short octornum panels are reusability, value, return-on-investment, brand consistency, and sustainability with quick and easy.

Mezzanine Exhibition stand design & Services

According to Mezzanine stand fabricate is concerned we push forward deliberately Firstly, we plan 3D design and construct double-decker stands keeping as a primary concern that the customer’s necessities and the after their endorsement, we push forward for fabrication in our workshop and transported all pre-fabricated material to the venue.
Mezzanine stands offer huge opportunities to companies looking on to participate in an exhibition.
These Two-story stands are outfitted with well-engineered decks, stairs, and channels and eye-catching graphics, high-class engineering with suitable lightings to coordinate with assorted necessities by customers. 

It gives a ton of chances for different visual branding and creates space for organizations planning for promotional displays.
Quetzal will take a primary endorsement certificate from certified architectural professionals for fabricating the mezzanine stall along with other documents and surrender it to Organiser as proof of stand structural stability. Our profoundly experienced group will deal with it and transforms an exhibitor’s vision into reality without hardly lifting a finger. Our designer & operation team will create the best Double-decker stands to put a lasting impression on each and every participant and audience present at the event.
We offer services to our customers across India.
We believe and are targeted to offer 360° solutions for exhibition stands and events on a large scale for a large audience and customers.