Check out our work in progress!

Hey all, we’ve been quiet for a bit but that’s because we’ve been busy!

  1. Will has been hard at work doing some character design as well as working on the start up screen page for the game:

    Start Screen Mockup

  2. Diego has been working on making a place-holder boss selection screen. Here’s a work in progress, maybe 1/3 done. This is solely a mock-up done for the purposes of wiring the back-end code to a screen. Diego is not an artist and is constantly reminded of that when he searches #pixelart on Twitter:

    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.01.12 PM

  3. Composers be composing. Check out some of their stuff so far from the Quetzal Entertainment official soundcloud.

  4. We are now on Twitter:

    1. Follow Quetzal @Quetzal_Entmt
    2. Follow our first game Wingnut @Wingnut_Game

  5. Our graphic artist welcomed a new baby to the world! We wish Eric H. the best as he once more trains himself to function on 2 hours of sleep. Good luck buddy!


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