We are partnering with DayOnePatch to create a monthly Game Development Podcast!

We are excited to announce a partnership with DayOnePatch to create and host a monthly Game Development Podcast. The goal of the podcast will be to document the development process. Moreover, we hope to engage the gaming community throughout development by answering questions on game design, as well as receiving both constructive criticism and advice. We are still ironing out the details as to when the first broadcast will begin so stay tuned. We will like to cycle through our development team and make sure everyone has plenty of air time for discussing the project, from developers to artists to legal to testing.

DayOnePatch (formerly BadCartridge) is a close-knit gaming community that came together after the degradation of the IGN message boards circa 2010. This community has largely stayed together for roughly more than a decade and houses all sorts of gaming enthusiasts – collectors, developers, journalists, etc. It might not be NeoGAF in terms of numbers, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for it in a level of camaraderie not seen in a lot of message boards.


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