New additions to the team!

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the addition of two crucial members to this team. The first is Eric Hartkopf who will be our graphic designer (both for the company and for our first project). He has 12 years experience as a graphic artist and we are loving having his skill-set on the team. Eric is first working on creating a new appropriate logo for Quetzal Entertainment before turning his attention and stylus pen onto pixelated sprites and pre-rendered backgrounds for our first project.

The second member is Ryne Sandel who will be our lawyer as he enters the forays of video-game industry law. He has practiced for a handful of years and is also an avid gamer who can more than appreciate what we’re going through. He will help in turning the business into a legitimate legal entity as well as give other types of legal counsel throughout our existence. Who knows, we might be able to get him into the game design phase of our projects as well.


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