We are partnering with DayOnePatch to create a monthly Game Development Podcast!

We are excited to announce a partnership with DayOnePatch to create and host a monthly Game Development Podcast. The goal of the podcast will be to document the development process. Moreover, we hope to engage the gaming community throughout development by answering questions on game design, as well as receiving both constructive criticism and advice. We are still ironing out the details as to when the first broadcast will begin so stay tuned. We will like to cycle through our development team and make sure everyone has plenty of air time for discussing the project, from developers to artists to legal to testing.

DayOnePatch (formerly BadCartridge) is a close-knit gaming community that came together after the degradation of the IGN message boards circa 2010. This community has largely stayed together for roughly more than a decade and houses all sorts of gaming enthusiasts – collectors, developers, journalists, etc. It might not be NeoGAF in terms of numbers, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for it in a level of camaraderie not seen in a lot of message boards.

New composer/audio engineer joins the team!

Happy to announce that Damon Gay has joined the team as our composer and audio engineer. Damon has experience participating in Battle of the Bands as well as recording music for licensing professionally. He can also recall Megadeth tunes on command. He currently participates in a band as well as an acoustic duo. For more information on our new composer, check out his site!

Sneak peek of initial concept art

I’ve gone ahead and attached some real early concept art for our first project. When people hear sea-monkey they have no idea what we’re talking about. So we’ve gone ahead and sketched out our vision for these fictional guys.

Below is a concept of the potential main character. It’s a sea-monkey pilot of some sort:

This is a potential look at how an in-game sprite might look during actual gameplay. It’s a bit of a challenge to squeeze detail into a small amount of space!

This is a concept of what a sea-monkey fictional civilization might look like. Essentially they’re living in bio-domes above the sea, held in place by corral.

New additions to the team!

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the addition of two crucial members to this team. The first is Eric Hartkopf who will be our graphic designer (both for the company and for our first project). He has 12 years experience as a graphic artist and we are loving having his skill-set on the team. Eric is first working on creating a new appropriate logo for Quetzal Entertainment before turning his attention and stylus pen onto pixelated sprites and pre-rendered backgrounds for our first project.

The second member is Ryne Sandel who will be our lawyer as he enters the forays of video-game industry law. He has practiced for a handful of years and is also an avid gamer who can more than appreciate what we’re going through. He will help in turning the business into a legitimate legal entity as well as give other types of legal counsel throughout our existence. Who knows, we might be able to get him into the game design phase of our projects as well.

Quetzal Entertainment is somewhat live!

Hey all,

Well we are officially starting up this studio. Best way to reflect that is by publishing a website of course. I will update this as often as I can to show progress. For now we are still doing the following:

  • Organizing a team
  • Programming our first concept
  • Building out a social presence
  • Dealing with the more boring legal stuff (domains, trademarks, etc)
  • Finalizing our logo as well, current one is a hold over

Our next post will hopefully start going a bit more into what we are working on.