Getting some much needed development help!

Hey everyone!

First we’d like to say thanks to everyone who supported our cause by buying up company gear. Each penny helps the development effort and will go towards things such as licensing of tools/software and more (commissioning art at times). With that said, it’s been a while since we’ve had an update! Things slowed down around the holidays for a variety of reasons but the project is picking right back up. To help facilitate the development of the game, we are bringing Brett Brogan on board!

Brett is joining the team as a developer. He has professional experience as a software developer coding in Java. Furthermore, Brett has developed a mobile game before so his experience will be an asset. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (seems to be a pattern here).

We will try to keep the updates coming since we’ve been asked by quite a few people where progress is. Fear not, we will get Brett up to speed and with our new pixel artist Paul will hopefully start cranking out more stuff!

Bosses revealed!

Our first take on the bosses is revealed. This is our World Map, currently a work in progress and nothing is finalized:


So far we have:

  • Quetzalcoatl – boss of the floating islands
  • Werewolf – boss of the werewolf gang from the forest area
  • Steele – boss of the lagoon area, Wingnut’s evil rival
  • Wyvern rider – boss of the castle region
  • Steampunk robot – boss of the steampunk city
  • Sand golem – boss of the desert area


Enjoy and feel free to provide feedback on designs!

Check out our work in progress!

Hey all, we’ve been quiet for a bit but that’s because we’ve been busy!

  1. Will has been hard at work doing some character design as well as working on the start up screen page for the game:

    Start Screen Mockup

  2. Diego has been working on making a place-holder boss selection screen. Here’s a work in progress, maybe 1/3 done. This is solely a mock-up done for the purposes of wiring the back-end code to a screen. Diego is not an artist and is constantly reminded of that when he searches #pixelart on Twitter:

    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.01.12 PM

  3. Composers be composing. Check out some of their stuff so far from the Quetzal Entertainment official soundcloud.

  4. We are now on Twitter:

    1. Follow Quetzal @Quetzal_Entmt
    2. Follow our first game Wingnut @Wingnut_Game

  5. Our graphic artist welcomed a new baby to the world! We wish Eric H. the best as he once more trains himself to function on 2 hours of sleep. Good luck buddy!

Inaugural podcast with Day One Patch!

Very pleased to release our first podcast with Day One Patch. This inaugural cast is a fusion of Day One Podcast with the new Quetzal Entertainment development podcast. Consider it a sort of trial and dipping our toes into this medium. The juicy Quetzal content begins half-way through, but don’t skip over the riveting gaming conversations regarding scope, ambition, size, and more.

In the future we will focus our podcasts on just the development effort with team members. I want to shoot for our next podcast being an interview with our musical geniuses Damon Gay and Eric Biernacki!


The team suddenly got more metal! New composer joins to collaborate with team.

Happy to announce that Eric “Nack” Biernacki has joined our team!

Much like Damon, Eric has all sorts of musical experience. He was the drummer of a metal band for some time. He has also composed music in the past and has been a music teacher. Also of interest, Nack has dabbled in game design so his experience in that will more than likely be utilized here in Quetzal. Eric’s favorite game is Chrono Cross (which has an underrated soundtrack!). Eric will collaborate with Damon in composing music. Between the two I fully expect our first game to have a soundtrack that will put the likes of Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu on alert!

We will eventually like to make copies of the game’s OST fully available for purchase and download on our site. This company is very cognizant of the large undercurrent of VGM fans out there and will do its best to quench their thirst for auditory pleasure!


Prototype complete!

Hey folks,

The prototype has been given full animations for the player, the enemies, and all projectiles. These are all super early versions of the art, we are far from being satisfied with the art and we will hopefully start refining the sprites and backgrounds in the coming year.

Also happy to announce that we have a composer hard at work on music while our graphic designer is working on a company logo. Furthermore, our second programmer is catching up on the Unity engine while also providing pretty interesting artistic design on some of our ideas. This young team is starting to get the ball rolling!

Here’s the video!

If only I didn’t suck at my own game I could have show more off, haha!